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The Name

Elysia is named in honour of the Elysian fields. There is a longer story about my use of of that name but suffice to say this website is about work towards a better state of being.

The Content

Programming projects, philosophy, literature, spiritual principles, beekeeping, how-to articles, and other things.

The Author

Born in the late 1950's. Semi-retired from 30+ years in the IT industry. Mentored by my father in electronics with some self-education thrown in. Mechanically inclined with special interest in automotive applications.

Computer Programing: 'C', Python, IBM Assembler Level Coding (BAL), Z80 Assembly, x86 Assembly, bash, Bourne shell, REXX, JCL, CLIST, ISPF, TSO, CMS, MVS, IBM VM, MS-DOS, TRS-80 DOS :).

Positions: Computer Operator OS/VS1, Applications Programmer CICS, Programmer ACP, Sr. Programmer ACP, Sr. Programmer Analyst ACP, Sr. Systems Consultant TPF/zTPF, Systems Administrator Linux/Solaris.

Pet Peeves

Do not like pointing devices: touchpads, mice. Still disappointed that there is not a better way to communicate with computers than a keyboard. Voice recognition is almost there and is 30-50% faster than typing. Can't wait to get some on something more powerful than a smartphone.